Aluminium Anode Products from Anodes Australia

Part and parcel of the Anodes Australia offering is ensuring that our clients have access to a range of high-quality anodes. These anodes are sourced from only the most trusted and respected aluminium anode manufacturers on the market. We provide a broad range of aluminium anodes which are the most resistant to hard water and are perfect for use in hard water areas and old tanks.

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What is an aluminium anode?

This is another variety of sacrificial anode that possesses a lower voltage rate than its magnesium counterparts, a far slower consumption rate than either magnesium or zinc.

Where and when to use aluminium anodes for cathodic protection

Aluminium rods react slower and should be used only in situations where magnesium anode rods do not last one year. Aluminium is generally used in salt water, where the resistance is usually lower. Applications are for the hulls of ships and boats, offshore pipelines and production platforms, in salt-water cooled marine engines, on small boat propellers and rudders and for storage systems.

Our range of anodes

Anodes Australia stocks an extensive range of aluminium rod anodes. There are varying types which include solar, straight rods, flexi rods, and multi-flexi rods. Aluminium block anodes come in a range of sizes and shapes and can be made to suit your requirements. These anodes are used in the marine, engineering, mining, and many other industries. Our capacity to supply custom products displays the interests we share in providing solutions.

Flexi and multi-flexi anodes

The purpose of having a flexi or multi-flexi anodes is to make the installation process as easy as possible so anyone can install an anode in their hot water system. In hard to reach places or where there is not a lot of room to replace the anode, the multi-flexi rod anodes are perfect. Aluminium rods are available in lengths from 230mm to 3000mm.

Benefits of aluminium anodes

All anodes are manufactured and tested to comply with Australian Standards AS2239-2003.

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Aluminium Product Range


Aluminium Rod Anode 800mm long

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Aluminium Solar Anode 1300MM

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Aluminium Rod Anode 1500mm long

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Aluminium Rod Multi Flexi 1700MM

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Aluminium Rod Anode 230mm long

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Aluminium Solar Anode 2100MM

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Aluminium Rod Anode 1200mm long

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Aluminium Rod Multi Flexi 1200MM

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Aluminium Rod Multi Flexi 1500MM

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Aluminium Solar Anode 3100MM

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Aluminium Rod Anode 500mm long

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Solar Aluminium Anodes with Extended Nut 2100 mm

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Aluminium Rod Anode 1700mm long

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Solar Aluminium Anodes with Extended Nut 1300 mm

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Aluminium POA Products


Aluminium Block Anodes 590x140x50mm

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