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Effective soft water anodes, found in the majority of tanks Australia wide and also the fresh water rivers.

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Highly resistant to hard water and perfect for hard water applications and old tanks.

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Effective in salt water applications such as marine conditions but also effective in mining applications too.

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CathodicAnodes Australia

Need high-performing, long-lasting anodes for your cathodic protection system? Great! Look no further than our superior anode products. We have one of the most extensive ranges in Western Australia. Best of all, our selection of products is designed to give you freedom of choice. Plus, our prices are affordable and you can be assured that if there’s something you need, we’ll have it!

At the end of the day, corrosion is inevitable but the good news is that we’re committed to making it the least of your worries. How? Simply by ensuring you have access to the right high-quality anode products or solutions for your specific needs. From plumbing infrastructures to the caravan industry and even marine & mining, oil & gas or engineering, you can depend on us to make your rust problems a distant memory.

We also complement our world-class range of galvanic anodes with a robust inspection and testing program to assist with keeping corrosion at bay. We typically use zinc, aluminium or magnesium materials for our sacrificial anodes.

Magnesium Anodes

Found in the majority of tanks Australia wide and also the fresh-water rivers, Magnesium sacrificial anodes have the most negative electrode potential. This makes them suitable for areas where the electrolyte resistivity is higher, such as in soil and fresh water. Our clients use our products for protecting on-shore pipelines, other buried structures, boats and ships in fresh water, as well as potable and even hot water applications.

Our range of Magnesium anodes are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, which are ideally suited for water tanks and steel anti-corrosion applications. From standard block to flexi and multi flexi anodes, or even pencils and extended nuts and rods, we’ve got the best products to assist with your ideal sacrificial anode solution.

Zinc Anodes

Our zinc anodes are widely used in sea water environments and are a reliable, economic means of providing cathodic protection to the steel hulls of vessels like boats and ships. Whether you’re looking for zinc anode blocks, rods, pencils or even water valves, our range of products caters for almost every size and shape you need. They also meet (or even exceed) all Australian industry standards for regulating the production of these alloys.

Our zinc anodes provide sufficient output to protect steel in higher resistivity environments, such as tidal areas and brackish to fresh water estuaries. This also makes these products popular for mining applications too, as well as offshore pipelines and production platforms. Zinc-based anodes can also be used to protect salt-water-cooled marine engines, small boat propellers and rudders, as well as storage tanks.

Aluminium Anodes

Perfect for hard water applications and older tanks, our aluminium anodes are available in an extensive range of sizes and shapes to suit your needs. Ideal for hard water low-resistivity applications, they have several advantages. These include their lighter weight, and their much higher capacity when compared to their zinc counterparts.

The most common uses for aluminium anodes include anti-corrosion solutions for jetties, wharves, shipping and other salt water marine structures. From aluminium blocks and rods to solar with extended nut or even multiflex products, our range accommodates a number of different anode specifications and applications.

High-Quality Sacrificial Anodes

Our team is always breaking boundaries by continuously seeking out ways to keep our products and service superior to any other supplier in Australia and Asia. We always comply with Australian Standards AS 2239-2003, specifically relating to the galvanic anodes for cathodic protection. Our team of consultants and installers in Western Australia is available to assist with all of your queries. We love our clients and you can rest assured that we are fully dedicated to keeping your trust by offering amazing service and outstanding after sale support! You can also browse through our comprehensive FAQs for more information.
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