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We have the solutions you need for chiller or air conditioner maintenance and rust protection...

We have the solutions you need for chiller or air conditioner maintenance and rust protection. Our extensive stock features the best products on today’s market, allowing us to cater to the needs of air conditioning and chiller reliant companies like yours.

For all the beauty we enjoy in Australia, it is true that our weather conditions can swing from one extreme to the other resulting in discomfort. Air-conditioning can offer some respite by helping us to create more comfortable environments at work and for our products. However, through their extensive use, the components in air conditioners can begin to break down with corrosion being the catalyst.

Anodes Australia stocks and sells a range of anodes to air conditioning and chiller companies, which supply units to the hospitality, commercial, large business sectors. These anodes help to extend the life of your air conditioner and protect the integrity of the components in your air conditioner. In the industries where healthcare and safety standards need to be stringently maintained, anodes need to be regularly maintained and replaced too. These units can take on twice the amount of pressure during the summer months, which means the air conditioning anodes work thrice as hard. Contact us today to find out more about the maintenance and replacement services we offer.

Magnesium condenser anodes

You can select your anode from our wide range of magnesium condenser anodes. The electric current flowing throughout air-conditioners and chillers, can have devastating effects on the interiors of the units and promote electronic rust. This, however, can be prevented.

Our anode selection is made up of zinc, magnesium or aluminium. Each material reacts differently to the varying temperatures, as well as the makeup of water and gas inside the pipelining of A/C and chillers.

Chiller anodes & cathodic protection

Galvanic anodes are the primary component of cathode protection (CP). These anti-corrosion anodes take the beating for the air conditioning parts such as the copper piping, fins, and steel; the functional components of the unit.

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Chiller maintenance includes regularly assessing and – if required – replacing anodes to prevent electronic rust protection. The maintenance checks expand the units’ lifespan and efficiency. Given the importance of chillers, particularly in the hospitality industry, the significance of these units cannot be understated.

5 factors you need to be wary of

To minimise corrosion in your air-conditioning system, each of the following factors must be taken into consideration and addressed:

  • Water pH

Corrosion increases as the pH in untreated water drops. This is in part due to the fact that numerous oxides dissolve in lower pHs which further exposes metal surfaces to corrosion.

  • Water velocity

Slow moving water allows solids to settle and take up residence on metal surfaces. These deposits reduce the effectiveness of any corrosion-fighting chemicals.

  • Galvanic corrosion

This type of corrosion occurs when two different metals in close proximity are exposed to water or moisture.

  • Dissolved gases

Oxygen and carbon dioxide are two gases that result in corrosion problems in heating and cooling systems. If you fail to chemically treat or remove these two culprits, they will worsen corrosion within water systems.

  • Water temperature

Hot water allows chemical reactions to occur faster than usual. This means that the reactions that cause corrosion will take place at an accelerated rate. Generally speaking, an increase in water temperature by 10°C doubles the corrosion rate.

We’re here to help

If not comprehensively protected, the metals and components in your air conditioner or chiller will be compromised when exposed to air, water or other substances. Corrosion poses a serious problem to both heating and air-conditioning systems, reducing equipment efficiency, increasing operating costs, and enhancing the likelihood of equipment failure.

We’ll help you extend the life of your air conditioner or heat pump using the finest supply of anodes. Our internationally sourced products include condenser and pencil anodes of varying materials and sizes.
For all your chiller maintenance, rust protection and anodes requirements contact us today for a quote.

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Effective soft water anodes, found in the majority of tanks Australia wide and also the fresh water rivers.

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Highly resistant to hard water and perfect for hard water applications and old tanks.

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Effective in salt water applications such as marine conditions but also effective in mining applications too.

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