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Zinc is generally used in brackish water and salt water and therefore is very popular in the marine and boating industry. Applications include the use for hulls of ships and boats, offshore pipelines and production platforms, in salt-water-cooled marine engines, and on small boat propellers. Apart from the marine industry, zinc anodes are used across a variety of conditions, including different mining environments. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, suited specifically to your needs.

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Zinc anode handling

Zinc is considered a reliable material. However, it is not suitable for use at high temperatures, as it tends to passivate; if this happens, current may cease to flow and the anode can stop working. Zinc has a relatively low driving voltage, which means in higher-resistance soils or water it may not be able to provide adequate current. It is important to seek the advice of a corrosion engineer if you experience this problem.

Our range

Anodes Australia supplies an extensive range of Zinc Anodes. There are varying sizes of pencil anodes to suit a large range of boat parts. Zinc Block anodes are available in either bolt-on or weld-on and in a range of sizes to suit a variety of applications including jetties, piers, wharves and vessels. Zinc Rods and Condenser Anodes are also available. This is just a few examples of products we offer, however we supply a range of custom zinc anodes to suit your specific requirements.

Setting the standard

We take pride in our ability to offer a range of quality products. The range of Zinc Anodes we can provide exemplifies our passion for providing solutions for every problem.

All anodes are manufactured and tested to comply with Australian Standards AS2239-2003.

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Zinc Product Range


Zinc Rod Anodes 300 x 76 mm dia

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Zinc Rod Anodes 300 x 60 mm dia

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Zinc Rod Anodes 300 x 50 mm dia

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Zinc Rod Anodes 300 x 40 mm dia

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Zinc Rod Anodes 300 x 102 mm dia

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Zinc POA Products


Zinc Block Anode 440x90x35mm

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Zinc Block Anode 540x127x55mm

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Zinc Block Anode 300x150x50mm

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Zinc Block Anode 300x150x30mm

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Zinc Block Anode 250x125x35mm

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Zinc Block Anode 150x100x20mm

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Zinc Block Anode 100x38x25mm

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Zinc Block Anode 600x144x67mm

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Zinc Rod Anodes 300 x 30 mm dia

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Zinc Rod Anodes 1000 x 25 mm dia

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Zinc Rod Anodes 1000 x 13 mm dia

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Zinc Pencil Anodes 62x13 mm dia

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Zinc Pencil Anodes 58x17 mm dia

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Zinc Pencil Anodes 55x27 mm dia

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Zinc Pencil Anodes 52x13 mm dia

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Zinc Pencil Anodes 51x16 mm dia

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Zinc Pencil Anodes 44x16 mm dia

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Zinc Pencil Anodes 44x10 mm dia

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Zinc Pencil Anodes 42x16 mm dia

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Zinc Pencil Anodes 40x15.3 mm dia

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Zinc Pencil Anodes 105x19 mm dia

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