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Anodes Australia provides proven caravan anode solutions...

Anodes Australia provides proven caravan anode solutions. High-quality anodes in peak condition will keep your caravan hot water system running efficiently so that you can enjoy the creature comfort of clean water on your weekend getaway.

Nothing says adventure like a weekend away in your caravan as you immerse yourself in the great outdoors. However, what is meant to be the perfect downtime could quickly become a nightmare if your caravan’s hot water system ends up failing you. When your hot water system stops working the way it should because of a compromised anode it may result in water leaks or worse yet, you may have to endure rust-filled water. Preventing a poorly functioning hot water system is easier than you think and is made possible by simply ensuring your hot water system’s anode is in prime condition.

Sacrificial galvanic anodes help to keep your water system functioning properly and the interior of your water tank rust-free. Contact us today to discuss your anode needs with Australia’s leading suppliers and prevent the makeup of your water storage tank from being compromised.

How sacrificial anodes work

Sacrificial anodes are in electrical contact with the tank. This creates a positive and negative charge (much like a battery) running through the water; this draws and repels electrolytes. Separating the one from the other keeps your tank rust-free and water free of rust-residue while the anode takes on the burden of corrosion.

Also known as ‘sacrificial anodes’, magnesium and aluminium rods attract the natural ions in water preventing them from causing damage to the interior of your tank (cathode). This is known as the anode protecting the cathode. The rods ensure the integrity of the tank is retained, and that it remains strong and intact.

A crucial part of your caravan experience

The role of the anode in your hot water system is to maintain the integrity of the water tank’s lining. By providing cathodic protection, your anode vastly improves its lifespan and extends the years of uninterrupted usage you can look forward to. In some cases, the lifespan of your water tank could even be doubled.

It goes without saying that the decision to purchase a high-quality anode is an invaluable investment that can save you the nuisance of a quickly deteriorating hot water system and consequent costly replacement.

Rigorously tested, comprehensively compliant

All our hot water system anodes comply with Australian Standards AS2239-2003. This regulation specifically applies to the galvanic anodes for cathodic protection. Anodes Australia sells a range of these hot water systems (HWS) magnesium and aluminium sacrificial anodes to suit tanks of all sizes, including yours.

We also stock flexible, multi-flexible and straight rods, which are made specifically for tanks installed with or without enough ceiling clearance, or positioned in hard-to-reach places.

Why choose us

We stock Australia’s most extensive range of sacrificial anodes which can be used in your caravan’s hot water system to ensure you get the very best out of its useful life, making memories as you explore the outdoors.

Anodes Australia has been a trusted supplier of anodes for over a decade.  Each one of our anodes is made of premium quality materials and the solutions we offer to our valued clients cater to the exact requirements and application because we believe in tailormade solutions not one-size-fits-all compromises.

Whether it’s checking or replacing the anode in your caravan’s hot water system, our team of technicians are keen to assist and experienced in diagnosis as well as repair and maintenance.

Contact us today for a selection of anodes that are designed and manufactured to not only protect your caravan hot water tank but effectively extend its lifespan.

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Effective soft water anodes, found in the majority of tanks Australia wide and also the fresh water rivers.

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Highly resistant to hard water and perfect for hard water applications and old tanks.

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Effective in salt water applications such as marine conditions but also effective in mining applications too.

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