Sacrificial Hot Water System Anodes

We have a comprehensive range of anode rod solutions...

We have a comprehensive range of anode rod solutions to keep your hot water system in optimum condition and functioning the way it should.

We can often take the quality of water in our daily showers or baths for granted. However, both the water temperature and its cleanliness are a product of a properly functioning hot water system.

Conversely, when hot water system anodes have not been correctly maintained it can cause the makeup of a water storage tank to be compromised causing it to leak, and the water to fill with rust residue. Sacrificial galvanic anodes are the most functional part of hot water systems because they keep the interior of the tanks rust-free. Contact us today discuss your anode needs with Australia’s leading suppliers.

Rigorously tested for reliability

All our hot water system anodes comply with Australian Standards AS2239-2003. This regulation specifically applies to the galvanic anodes for cathodic protection. Anodes Australia sells a range of these hot water systems (HWS) magnesium and aluminium sacrificial anodes to suit tanks of all sizes, including yours.

We also stock flexible, multi-flexible and straight rods, which are made specifically for tanks installed with or without enough ceiling clearance, or positioned in hard-to-reach places.

Hot water tank anodes

Storage water heaters are made of 3mm thick stainless steel, and the tank interior is lined with specialist enamel – referred to as “glass”. This enamel is placed under immense pressure and subjected to extreme temperatures, which make it weak over time. The anodes ensure the integrity of the lining, extending the lifespan of your water tank. Intermittent anode replacement can effectively double the life-span of your tank.

Sacrificial anodes

Sacrificial anodes are in electrical contact with the tank so there is a positive and negative charge (much like a battery) running through the water; this draws and repels electrolytes. Separating the one from the other keeps your tank rust-free while the anode takes the beating.

Known as ‘sacrificial anodes’, magnesium, zinc and aluminium rods attract the natural ions in water preventing them from causing damage to the interior of the tank (cathode). This is known as the anode protecting the cathode. The corrosion of the magnesium, aluminium and zinc anode is known as galvanic corrosion. The rods ensure the integrity of the tank is retained, and that it remains strong and intact.

You won’t know about the internal corrosion of the tank unless you call in the professionals. Maintenance of your tank is the difference between an anode replacement that costs anything from $50 – $200 (excluding installation costs), and a $2000 hot water anode replacement.

Magnesium anodes

Magnesium rods are the preferred anode metal for hot water tanks with soft water. These are not designed for poor quality water. The magnesium reacts to hard water, creating sulphur oxide, which produces a stench in the water. When hard water is pumped into the tank, aluminium rods are the better choice.

Aluminium anodes/hard water anodes

Known as the “hard water anodes”, aluminium rods are ideally suited for old tanks, well-water, and hard water usage locations such as construction sites. However, aluminium is not suited for all industry water tanks.

An extensive range of high-quality anode solutions

Our extensive range of products is sourced from the finest suppliers. They use the best materials from across the globe to bring you products you can trust. Our selection includes rods of all lengths and flexibility. Get in touch with our team to find out more about our products.

We believe 100% in service excellence and know that our products are a reflection of Anodes Australia, which is why you are assured of getting nothing less than superior heating and anode rods from us.

Contact us today for assistance. Our team is on hand and keen to provide you with all necessary information regarding your anode requirements.

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Effective soft water anodes, found in the majority of tanks Australia wide and also the fresh water rivers.

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Highly resistant to hard water and perfect for hard water applications and old tanks.

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Effective in salt water applications such as marine conditions but also effective in mining applications too.

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