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From docking to sailing the far seas, your ship’s parts are under constant attack from the effects of corrosion...

From docking to sailing the seven seas, your ship’s parts are under constant attack from the effects of corrosion. Anodes Australia leverages its relationships with the finest suppliers to ensure that you have access to a range of products manufactured from the best materials in virtually all lengths and sizes.

The marine industry is in constant combat with corrosion which, through the compromising of equipment and parts, costs the industry a fortune annually. Thankfully, the ingenuity of marine anodes allows the service life of boat components to be extended while simultaneously limiting the need for replacing and repairing parts.

Anodes Australia is proud to be the supplier of high-quality anode solutions to the marine industry with the nation’s leading and most extensive range of anodes. Contact us today to get a quote for the anode solutions that will help you protect the investment you made purchasing your boat or fleet.

The causes of corrosion

The metal on your vessel is bound to fall victim to corrosion, and if not dealt with, over time the metal will deteriorate and ultimately compromise the parts. There are two types of corrosion that are notorious for attacking the components of marine vessels: galvanic and electrolytic corrosion.

  • Galvanic corrosion

Galvanic corrosion refers to the type of corrosion that takes place when two or more metals are in contact and an electrochemical reaction occurs. The metals in this scenario need to differ in terms of their chemical stability. When these metals are touching each other and are immersed in a liquid with conductive properties, galvanic corrosion is the result.

  • Electrolytic corrosion

In the case of electrolytic corrosion,  an electric current already runs through the water which in turn speeds up the process of oxidation rate as the current passes from the anode metal to cathode metal. Electrolysis is the reason why metal in close proximity to your boat’s electrical and mechanical system suffers from more rust and damage than other parts.

How marine anodes work

Marine anodes, just as in other applications, are martyrs. Often they are referred to as sacrificial anodes because in the selfless effort to protect your boat from corrosion they sacrifice themselves by providing cathodic protection.

The current which would have otherwise run through your vessel is directed through to the anode and, by virtue of its properties, is more chemically active and reactive than your boat. Your anode then bears the brunt of the current and its effects, ultimately being corroded.

In addition, the regular monitoring and maintenance of your anodes are highly recommended as this will be essential to ensuring that your marine environment is both safe and running to its optimum capacity.

We have your solution

We keep an extensive inventory of zinc and aluminium anode solutions sourced internationally from suppliers who are dedicated to using only the best materials in the manufacture of anodes. Regardless of the make and model of your boat or the type of marine application that requires an anode, we have a solution that will cater to your specific needs.  

Quality assurance & compliance

All our gas/solar anodes comply with Australian Standards AS2239-2003, which applies to galvanic anodes for cathodic protection. Anodes Australia stocks a range of sacrificial anodes to suit pipes and jetties of various sizes.

Why choose us

Anodes are both a cost-saving exercise and an investment because of the risk you run by not replacing them when it is necessary. Failing to ensure the condition of your current complement of anodes could leave you liable to incur the painfully expensive (and unnecessary) cost of replacing marine equipment or vessels.

Anodes Australia has been a trusted supplier of anodes for over a decade, keeping an inventory of only the best anodes made from premium quality materials. Whether it’s for ships, docks, or oil platforms you can count on us to be your supplier. We believe in tailormade solutions, not one-size-fits-all compromises.

Contact us today for a selection of anodes that are designed and manufactured to not only protect your marine assets but effectively extend their lifespan.

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Effective soft water anodes, found in the majority of tanks Australia wide and also the fresh water rivers.

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Highly resistant to hard water and perfect for hard water applications and old tanks.

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Effective in salt water applications such as marine conditions but also effective in mining applications too.

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