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We stock zinc, magnesium and anti-electrolytic corrosion sacrificial anodes that can be used across a variety of applications in the commercial and industrial sectors...

We stock zinc, magnesium and anti-electrolytic corrosion sacrificial anodes that can be used across a variety of applications in the commercial and industrial sectors. In addition, they are an effective way to meet your energy needs and save money.

Solar anodes are gaining popularity as energy consumers try to save money while simultaneously lessening their impact on our planet. Anodes Australia sells solar anodes for a variety of applications in the commercial and industrial sectors. A requisite in marine, construction and mining industries, sacrificial anodes are used to prevent the electrolytic corrosion of tanks and pipelines. Destructive corrosion of metal, particularly where gas and boiling water is involved, can be disastrous. We don’t compromise on quality because we understand what’s at stake. Contact us today for solar anodes that have been meticulously designed and manufactured to protect your asset.

How solar anodes work

Solar anodes are made to protect cathodes, which come in different forms. Popular energy savers, these galvanic anodes are primarily made with magnesium metal. They are specially designed to harness the chemical energy of electrolytic cells, prolonging the life of the cathode (the water tank or pipe); the metal’s electrolytic cells produce anions (a negatively charged ion), which are drawn to the anode.

The solar anode attracts the chemical energy, stores it and turns it into electricity, which is accumulated at the electrically charged connection point where the cathode and anode meet.

An electrolytic cell is an electrochemical cell that undertakes a redox reaction when electrical energy is applied. It is most often used to decay chemical compounds, in a process called electrolysis (the Greek word lysis means to break up.)

Metals and alloys of dissimilar make-up have different electrode potentials. However, the principal function of the various materials is to ensure the integrity of the tank or pipe, which holds or delivers the gas.

Gas-filled pipes/tubes

Commonly known as discharge tubes, electro-laden gas-filled tubes ionise the gas to create a negative or positive charge, which then forms ions. Anodes prevent the ions from eating the “glass” lining of the gas tubes.

Quality assurance & compliance

All our solar anodes comply with Australian Standards AS2239-2003, which applies to galvanic anodes for cathodic protection. Anodes Australia stocks a range of sacrificial anodes to suit pipes and tanks of various sizes.

Why magnesium?

Our products are sourced from the finest suppliers, ensuring you have access to only the best premium-grade magnesium which can stand up to the chemical electrode reactions that occur in hostile gas environments. The electrolytic cells that produce gas anions can aggressively corrode away at metal, and magnesium’s chemical makeup makes it harder to break down in an insulated gas-filled tube.

The purpose of anodes

Galvanic anti-corrosion anodes react to an electrochemical process whereby the ions produced by the reaction are drawn to the anode instead of towards the cathode (tank). The anode takes the beating for the cathode and takes on the corrosion. So the one metal corrodes and the other remains intact. This naturally happens when an electrolyte (tank or pipe) and an anode have a common electrical connection point.

Pipes and tanks that hold liquids are made of thick stainless steel, and the interiors (cathodes) are lined with specialist enamel – “glass”. This fine glass lining is placed under extreme pressure and subjected to unpredictable and very high temperatures, which will weaken the container if it’s not protected. Anode rods prevent the soft or hard water, or chemical solutions from corroding the interior of the tanks.

The importance of monitoring and maintenance

Regular monitoring and maintenance replacements are essential in any hot water system. They will expand the lifespan of your hot water system and ensure the safety of personnel by maintaining optimal functioning of these integral pieces of equipment.

Why choose us

We have a selection of solar anodes with 'extended' nuts, providing extra grip for installers when replacing the anodes.

Our suppliers use the best internationally sourced materials to bring you products you can trust. Our selection also includes magnesium and aluminium rod anodes of all lengths and flexibility.

We believe 100% in service excellence and know that our carefully selected range of sacrificial anodes can cater for your needs.

Contact us today for further assistance.

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